Monday, August 31

A Fairly Hard Day

Today was was a full 8 hours wandering around the Alaska State Fair which is held in the small town of Palmer. We did all the usual "fair things" - ate too much, looked at animals, learned how to cook rhubarb bread, watched the pig races and a tractor pull, along with the lumberjack competition. Listened to live music - the Bellamy Brothers were the day's headliner. Good fun, long day!

Can't imagine why I liked this painting.


As we all know by now, when you travel unusual connecting threads occur. Earlier this year while exploring Florida (before this trip started) I attended the Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida. At that event I enjoyed a performance by the Redhead Express - seven months later I listened as the same group (born and raised in Palmer) as they performed 4000 miles away.