Tuesday, April 7

The "Thingie" Revealed - MapShare

A couple of the more observant readers of this blog have already noticed the new MapShare page in the navigation bar. If you click on the MapShare tab you will see a nifty little map showing where we've been and our current location. Here are a couple of hints: 1. In the maps sidebar (left side) at the top you can select "Map Filters" and select a date range for the display track. Not that big a deal now, but as the journey progresses you might not be all that interested in where we were a month or two ago. 2. Below the Map Filters is a "Center" button - tap it, and our last reported location will be in the center of the map. 3. When the map first opens give it some time to load the track, depending on your internet connection it may take a few seconds. 4. The map opens using the default "topo" map - it looks pretty, but you may find the "Road" view more readable. Click the Topo, Aerial or Road tab in the upper left corner of the map to find the view you like best. 5. The slider next to the map tabs changes the maps scale. 6. The track is the series of blue dots (waypoints) connected by a blue line. When you see a blue triangle or square along that track it means some additional information is available (this is for anyone who has time to burn or is really into information overload) - click on the symbol and be amazed, or disappointed and just forget I even mentioned this tidbit.

It's not as complicated as my explanation makes it sound. Just play around with the page (you can't hurt anything) and you can play a game of - are they lost or just taking the long way?