Monday, April 27

The Lost Valley

We're still in Arkansas and today we did a three mile hike that included waterfalls, a cave, and some quality time "hanging" around with a couple of new buddies. A reader (thanks Scott) suggested the Lost Valley trail - so off we went. It turns out that the "Lost Valley" was neither lost nor a valley, but it was a very nice trail - not a lot of rocks to climb over and two nice waterfalls.

At the end of the trail was Edens Falls Cave and it was NOT a spiffy developed cave - no lights, very dark, wet and we had to crawl through a couple of really tight places. We were trying to reach a cavern that contained a waterfall. After 15 minutes (or so) of wiggling we reached a tight spot with a steep step down. I studied the situation and decided that going down might not be a problem, but climbing back out might be a little much for my tired bones - end of the road for me. Don, however, decided to push on - buoyed by the knowledge (BIG DRUM ROLL) that today he was wearing his "super duper, go anywhere hiking boots with the optional Flux Capacitor". He made it to the cavern, saw the waterfall (thinks he saw a canoe paddle floating by) and returned. A good day for both of us.

The little orange dot in the center is Don

Remember my "hanging around with a couple of new buddies" comment at the start of this post. While Don was going those last few feet to the cavern, I had several bats keeping me company - they didn't seem to mind that I was in their space, we parted friends.




  1. Was it the canoe that you flipped out of over the weekend? HA HA. Great reading about your travels. Glad Don finally found some hiking boots.

  2. Steve, you really have a way with words. Enjoying your travels and blog.

    1. Annnnnnnd, you give a whole new meaning to "hanging around."

  3. It is always nice to know which shoes Don may be wearing since I know how many pairs he

  4. Hey Don, I am enjoying your posts and pictures. I would love to be able to what you all are doing.
    David Grose