Friday, April 17

Crossed The Big Muddy

We just finished a very enjoyable 5 days in Mississippi, and it was a pleasent surprise that we found so many things to see and do. We averaged a blazing 31 mph while in the state, passed a total of TWO cars, learned that the gigantic farm fields we passed were rice paddies, stopped at a casino (Don won, I lost), gave a briefing about the van and our trip to the Gentlemen's Breakfast Club at a country store, and hiked every day. We can only hope the rest of the trip is as good as our time in Mississippi.

Today we crossed the Mississippi River - sorry, no exciting pictures as it was raining, and are now in Arkansas. Staying at another Army Corps of Engineers campground tonight and plan to start tomorrow with a visit to the Arkansas Post National Memorial just down the road, then continue to explore the backroads.

Two tired travelers taking a rest



  1. I am just glad you are driving Steve because wrong way Don does not need to drive. He will explain the nickname. Keep posts and pics coming.

    1. Just one "wrong way" experience so far, and he's only fallen asleep once in the navigator's seat. We're doing good!

  2. Oops, forgot to tell you about that sleep thing.