Tuesday, April 14

Our Plan - No Plan

Today was a prime example why OUR PLAN for this trip was to have NO PLAN. Don and I wanted the flexability to change things up and not be tied to a schedule. So . . . . we started out in Aberdeen this morning headed to Grenada Lake when we happened upon the Nachez Trace Parkway (a 440 mile long National Park that passes through Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee). Don wanted a stamp for his National Park Passport, so we made a sharp right turn and headed North. Had a pleasant drive, Don got his stamp, and a nice couple suggested a campground on Bay Springs Lake. The end result of today's "no plan" - we ended up with a lakeside campsite EAST of where we started the day, demonstrating that we are serious about our mission to Take The Long Way to Alaska.



  1. I know that way of traveling since Don and I also travel that way. Happy Trails.

    1. Did a little 60 mile circle tour today, back to the same campground for tonight

  2. LOL, obviously you boys are having a grand ol' time. (But, maybe should consider dropping some bread crumbs?)

  3. Love that "circle method" of traveling!