Sunday, September 14

Two Lights Today

I'm now in Michigan's UP (that's short for Upper Penisula) whose residents are Yoopers and the Pasty (several ways to spell, I took the easy one) their take-along meal of choice. I've already had my Pastee (Cornish meat pie) picked up some smoked lake trout and managed to visit two lighthouses. I've also "boondocked" my first two nights, so the UP is treating me good - the sun even came out today.

First was the Whitefish Point Light which marks the entrance to Whitefish Bay. If that sounds familiar it's probably because the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank trying to reach the shelter of Whitefish Bay in 1975 and Gordon Lightfoot immortalized the disaster in his song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald." This light was the first on Lake Superior, and was first lit in 1849.

Whitefish Point Light, Lake Superior


Next up was the Crisp Point Light which was a 45 minute drive over dirt and sand roads (plus mud) on a very remote spit of land. Getting there was an adventure, but worth the effort.

Crisp Point Light, Lake Superior

Almost forgot to mention, all of the lighthouses I've visited allow visitors to "climb the light" to get a view from the top. Good exercise, great views - but it can be a little breezy.