Friday, September 12

Primitive or Parking Lot - A Place to Stay

Most of the campsites I've stayed in have been in National Forest Service campgrounds, but I've also stayed in state, city and county run operations - oh, and let's not forget Walmart (you can stay overnight at most Walmarts - if you ask). I've also boondocked in our National ForrestI for free. I find these places by using a couple of iPad apps, stopping at NFS and NPS offices and by just asking people I meet. So far on this trip it's costing less than $9 a night, not bad!

This video shows my drive out to a PRIMITIVE campsite on the Ausable River in the Huron National Forrest. Primitive means, no water, no electricity, no bathroom - nothing, you bring what you need and "leave no trace" when you leave. Most of these river campsites are accessible only by canoe, but are very few are drive in - if you can deal with the roads and lack of facilities. I'm self contained, so it works for me! The biggest plus - I get to stay in places like this. Enjoy.