Monday, September 1

Ready To Roll


In the morning I will be leaving Bardstown on a seven week (give or take) trip. True to form I won't have a destination - I will be heading North (Michigan and Ontario) until it's time to head to Asheville NC for Overland Expo East which starts on October 3rd, then it's back to Bardstown in late October.

This trip I will be testing out my grand plan for use on future trips. Which is to say, no specific destination, no Interstates (backroads only) and the new "200 or 4" rule. This "bendable rule" sets a maximum of 200 miles OR 4 hours of driving a day - then it's time to stop. That "200 or 4" might be too much, given my last trip (3 weeks) I only averaged 60 miles a day, hey - that's why it's a test. The object here (if you haven't already guessed) is a slow journey with time to stop and enjoy the sights.

Take care. Hope you enjoy your journeys.