Saturday, September 6

First 3 Days

A BBQ Festival, a couple of hikes, winery visit and kayaking are the highlights so far. As you might guess, that didn't leave much time for driving down the road - only 277 total miles for three days and the vans computer says I only averaged 26 mph. It seems like every other small town begs me to stop and walk around to check things out.

An example, the first day I went a grand total of 83 miles and arrived at Carrollton Kentucky, a very small town on the Ohio river. "Bands & BBQ" was about to start so, of course, I had to hang around and check things out. Good eats and music in a park on the Ohio, hard too beat. Also did a winery visit just outside Carrollton.

Carrollton City Park on the Ohio
Bands & BBQ Festival
Barge traffic on the Ohio
Ohio River
On the Whitewater River, not much whitewater
General Butler State Park, KY

That's it for now. Need to get an early start tomorrow.