Tuesday, May 17

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Today was what I would describe as a pretty uneventful (ordinary) day on the road - nothing worth posting until the day was almost over. Leaving the Walmart parking lot where I "camped" last night I had the usual plan - no plan - but I had spotted Delaware National Forest (strangely it was in Pennsylvania) on the campground app, and it looked like a chance for the trips first night of "dispersed camping" - no campground, just a spot in the woods. So off I go in search of - nothing.

After driving around the forest on this type of road (some better, some worse) for an hour or so, I'd still not found a place to call home for the night.

Shortly after taking the picture, I came around a corner and was surprised to see a man walking the road, hadn't seen a house or signs of civilization in a long time, but here he was. I stopped (turned of the engine) and we had a little chat. Me "can I camp here, if I get off the road". Reply "not supposed to", and he explained some of the local history and why camping wasn't permitted, and then told me about a nice campsite just a couple of miles away. He was "pretty sure" it was ok for me to stay there.

Then it happened - He "guess you're not from around here". Me "no, from Kentucky heading to Canada" then I joked "this is the road to Nova Scotia, right?". He laughed and said "it is, if you don't mind taking the long way". I almost couldn't believe what I'd heard, but quickly grabbed one of my Take The Long Way cards and handed it to him - we both had a chuckle. A little more small talk, and we parted ways - both of us (I think) taking the long way.

Tonight's free campsite