Friday, May 6

Getting Ready

The reason for this short post is just to give a heads up to anyone with a little time to waste - the next big trip should get underway on Monday, so this blog will see some action. The plan (no plan) is to head northeast, checking out the backroads between Kentucky and the Canadian Maritimes. This time I'll be traveling solo (although Don is rumored to be heading in the same general direction via motorcycle, so our paths might cross) so I'm sure the trip will have a different vide than last year's Alaska trip.

Since the first of the year I've taken just four short(ish) trips - Florida for three weeks and the others just overnight outings nearer Bardstown. The rest of my time has been spent trying to stay warm, nagging Jane during her rehab from knee surgery (she's doing pretty good) and little odd jobs on the van.

Looking forward to hitting the backroads - hope you can come along!