Thursday, May 19

Busy Doing Nothing

Departed Walmart. Next small town I come across is Ellenville - spot a mural so I stop. Lady out walking her dog, said I should go to library (nice museum). Walk to library, but museum is closed. Librarian says I might enjoy the view from Sam's Point - says its way up there. Off I go, come across a guy and his hotdog cart (middle of nowhere, but good dogs and a great view). He says Sam's Point is closed (fire last month) - but I push on. Stop at the Cragsmoor Library for directions to Sam's Point, it's definitely closed - but if I want a nice hike with a view I should go to Bear Hill Wildlife Preserve (guaranteed open) which is just down the road. It's open, and I have a nice hike. Walking back to the van a couple gives me directions to the Stone Church - so I stop by before I descend back into the valley. Enroute to the campground I'd selected I stop for a hike at Kaaterskill Falls (no pictures worth posting) - arriving at the campground, it's closed ("season" hasn't started yet). So . . . on down the road, and I find another Walmart (hey, these things are always open). Tune in tomorrow for more excitement!

Bear Hill Nature Preserve