Tuesday, May 31

On The Islands

Islands, not something that most people would associate withe the State of Vermont - but I've spent the last two days plying the backroads of Grand Isle, North Hero and Isle La Motte on the Vermont side of Lake Champlain, which is the sixth largest lake in the United States (and was briefly designated a "Great Lake" - before Michigan complained). The lake and has always played an important part in the regions history and development, and today, the islands are surprisingly laid back (my view) with a combination of farming, vacation homes, and minimal tourist related activities coexisting - enough to do, but not overrun with people.

Three bridges connect the islands to the mainland (one to NY, two to VT)
The wood pilings you see in the first photo is all that is left of this old railroad bridge
You can reach Grand Isle via ferry from NY, and via a bike only ferry from VT


Out and about on the islands.

Just looking up
Grand Isle State Park