Sunday, September 13

Sitka Sights

Really like Sitka, certainly would be on my "don't miss" list for anyone visiting Alaska. The reason, it's history - this little (under 10,000) fishing village was the capital of Russian America and we learned why Russia was here (primarily the fur trade), why they left (declining profits) and how we ended up with what is now Alaska. Central to this whole era is the Russian-American Company and the Russian Orthodox Church, the latter of which is still an important part of this community. In addition to the history we've enjoyed some great hiking.

The official handover from Russia to United States ownership took place here on March 3, 1867
The "Pioneer" statue



Only four buildings built by the Russians in North America still stand - this is arguably the most important
The chapel - still consecrated and in use on special occasions
The Bishop's office

The czar's picture in the main reception room




The Sheldon Jackson Museum