Thursday, September 17

Petersburg - Little Norway

We've been on Mitkof Island for the last two days doing our thing. Petersburg (the islands only town) was founded more than 125 years ago by Norwegian fishermen, thus the Little Norway reference. Its "off the beaten path" location means not many tourists (good) but the locals are super friendly, proud of their town, and helpful. Only issue has been the weather - Alaska's southeast gets a lot of rain, and most of comes this time of year. Even with the rain we managed several hikes, a nice backroad drive around the island (see MapShare), and a little walking tour of town.

The Sons of Norway building



Porky wasn't in a rush
His brother scampered up the tree when I got a little too close



The falls on Falls Creek
That's a fish ladder on the right so spawning salmon can get around the falls


All our campsites on the island have been free



Libraries have been the best place to get wifi to make these posts and Petersburg had a nice one