Tuesday, September 22

Last Alaska Photo


We decided last night to change our plan - which seeing we've never had plan, is probably not too acurate a way to describe what happened. We had been trying to arrange a ferry from Ketchikan to Price of Whales Island but it just wasn't working out so we decided to bypass Ketchikan and are now in Prince Rupert, BC. This Friday we take a BC Ferry to Vancouver Island, drive the island, ferry over to Washington state and continue south along the coast. Unless, of course, we change the "plan".

Alaska Notes:

  • 91 days in Alaska
  • 6344 miles driven
  • 150 miles hiked/walked
  • 9 Ferry rides
  • 1440 ferry miles
  • 5 islands
  • 6 times we crossed the U.S.- Canada border Into and out of Alaska