Tuesday, September 15

Last Day In Sitka

Depart Sitka in a couple of hours, next stop Petersburg on Mitkof Island, so I thought I do a quick post with mostly pics.

It been a while since we've done any Forest Service roads to nowhere so up the Harbour Mountain Road we went to check things out. Nice views and a little walk when we reached the end of the road.


Just some random photos.

Little cold doesn't stop these folk.


We also visited a bear sanctuary. When a bear cub is orphaned in Alaska their are currently three choices - let the cub fend for itself (usually ends badly), kill the cub (quick and easy solution), or move the cub to this facility (currently the only one in Alaska). The problem with the last option is that once a bear reaches this facility Alaskan law prohibits its release back into the wild. The folks who run the Sitka operation are lobbying to create a rehabilitation program similar to the way Canada handles orphaned/injured bears for release.