Monday, January 30

Small World - 1/28/17 Sat

Pleasant day today, 70 and sun - the problem is the big time wind. Managed find a bank ATM, a Baja map and some useable (barely) cell/internet service. Tonight we are camped by the San Ignacio River having arrived in the village of San Ignacio late today.

While checking out the Mision Church in the village square we saw this loncheria - take special note of the lady sitting at the table.

The story: It started when the lady volunteered that the fish fillets were really good and in the ensuing conversation I mentioned the Alaskan trip - she said "did you visit Dawson City" - me, "we did" - her, "I'm from Dawson, and work there during the summer" - me, starting to think I've meet her somewhere, "what do you do?" - her, "I'm one of the interpretive guides in Dawson" - me, "that's it, you gave us a tour two years ago!" Don still had this picture of her on his iPhone.

Ah, you say, that's pretty incredible - but the story continues! The next customers to sit at the same table where two young cyclists - one of the guys also had worked in Dawson City as a guide. Then the final "small world" indicator. Leaving the square the young man flags us down - he'd seen the PEI (Prince Edward Island) sticker on the van - he's from PEI. End of story, and one of the many reasons I love traveling - you never know!

Some pics around San Ignacio.

Our campsite