Sunday, September 11

Nice Last Day

Great weather, nice two lane backroads through Ohio and Indiana farm country, a little town square heritage festival, some murals in Richmond, Indiana, and two (or three, if you count my first ever covered viaduct) covered bridges, made for a very nice last full day on the road.

Brookville Lake in Indiana
New Madison Indiana town square


Then I rolled into Richmond, Indiana.

This mural covers the whole side of an old firehouse which is now home to the Firehouse BBQ & Blues restaurant - pretty clever


At the Whitewater Canal Historic Site in Indiana I saw my first covered wooden aqueduct, and it turns out, the only one still operating in the United States.

The Duck Creek Aqueduct carries the Whitewater Barge Canal over Duck Creek
Of course, a barge canal needs a barge
and the barge needs something to make it go - so we have Joey & Jordon


Just two covered bridges.



  1. I have enjoyed your travels. Welcome back.

  2. Is that THE Wright's Bicycle shop?

  3. Love the picture of the covered bridge and your van.