Wednesday, June 8


Today I stood on the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire where some of the world's worst weather occurs - including the highest wind velocity ever observed by man, 231 mph back in 1934. Winds above 75 mph are routine and it can get very cold, 49 below zero is the record.

You can reach the summit by hiking (it's the highest point on the Appalachian Trail), by auto (and walk the last few feet) or, my choice, by taking the 1st mountain-climbing cog railway in the world - and walking the last bit. Before buying my ticket I'm talking to a railway employee about the weather up on top (it was 37, with a 51 mph breeze, and the summit was in the clouds) and she says "it not about the view, it's about the Mt Washington experience" - and I said, "guess I shouldn't wait around for summer then" and a guy next to me says "this is summer". Bought my ticket, and the "experience" (both the railway and the mountain) was great! Don't miss this if you are ever in the area.

Opened for business on July 3, 1869
The Mount Washington COG Railway builds all their own locomotives and cars
"Jacob's Ladder" the railway's steepest grade 37%
Our "train" parked near the summit


The destination is a NH State Park
But it's only a few more steps from the summit building to the actual summit
6288 feet and it was COLD - the 47mph wasn't helping



Back in the valley, time for a hot chocolate at the Mount Washington Hotel