Thursday, June 16

No Willpower

When I'm traveling solo I tend to eat out more - I think, why mess up the "kitchen" for just me, it's sooooooo much easier to eat out. Besides, I seem to have a knack for finding good eats (and ice cream). But today was going to be different - a zero $ day in the "eat out" category, time to eat in (lots in the fridge) and help the budget. Well . . . . . that great plan lasted a grand total of two hours, that's when I stopped at the Farmers' Market in Rockland.

I did walk on by a couple of times, before I gave in.
The 3 cheese & mushroom - good to the last bite!


After a little walk on the Rockland harbor boardwalk I managed to visit two museums (Maine Lighthouse Museum and the Owls Head Transportation Museum), explored some backroads out to Port Clyde and back (found two lighthouses), and also managed to find the local ice cream stand - so it was a pretty good day, just not as budget friendly as I had hoped.