Tuesday, January 27

Tale Of Two Nights

Yesterday I was on my way back to Cedar Key - then changed my mind. Why? Because I could. Plan "B" (Cedar Key was "A") was to head towards Saint Pete and overnight at a Walmart along the way. Found a Walmart, asked if I could spend the night in the parking and was told - "sorry, we don't allow that anymore". Time for Plan "C" - so away I go, with no plan (which is actually pretty much the standard procedure anyway). An hour later I come across a Flying J Travel Center (better know to most of you as a Truck Stop) so I pull in, having heard they are RV friendly (hence the "Travel Center" thing, I suppose). Turned out to be fine (for a parking lot) it even had a Denny's and a Cinnabon Shop.

In the morning I head out, still with no plan (but let's call this Plan "D" in this tale, just because). Thirty miles down the road I'm pulling into Dade City and decide I should do my "little town" thing - go for a little walkabout. I stumble upon the the local Chamber, pop in, and ask what's happin' - the nice lady announces (drum roll) "the Kumquat Festival, of course". But, of course, that doesn't happen until Saturday, so she gives me the lowdown on other stuff to keep me busy until then. So it's Dade City for a few days, sounds like a plan.

Which now brings me to the second night of this tale. Night one in a truck stop and just for a change of pace, let's spend tonight in a BIG field!

The field is actually part the Withlacoochee River Park just outside Dade City. When the man asked, did I need the hookups (water, electric) in the RV Camping Area ($25) or did I just want to park on the Recreation Field ($5) you can see I opted to go with cheap. Two other intrepid campers are in the "field" - but they are waaaaaay down at the other end. Love when a plan all comes together!