Saturday, January 17

Interesting Day

Decided it might be a good idea to do a little NASCAR pit crew practice with the van (get out the jack and change a tire) before it happened for real. Being familiar with how things work is always a good idea. Things went well, except that I have a couple of mystery thingies in the jack kit - I'm sure they must be very important/useful, just need to figure out what for.

After the practice session we headed out to lunch (found a good BBQ joint) and then, while driving out in the middle of nowhere we come upon a DOG SHOW. It was a BIG deal, apparently a qualifier for the Westminster show. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, doing the show ring thing.

Charlie was a visitor (just like us) not a competitor

After leaving the dog show we were driving thru the "big city" of Brooksville and another surprise. We were just in time for a little live music on the court house steps. Pretty darn good and typical of what you stumble across when you travel the backroads.