Monday, August 4

Work Day (sort of)

Not everyday on the road is fun and games - every once in a while you actually need to do something. Today was laundry day, so first thing you need is a laundromat - which it turns out, is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Laundromats seem to be plentiful until, of course, you actually need one. So . . . after checking with some locals, I'm told their might be one just down the road. Surprise, it was where they said (almost), but it was closed until ???? - oh well, you need to be flexible, so I decided to check back in a couple of hours.

Back in the van I drove to a picnic area a couple of miles away and hung out with the geese and took advantage of a surprisingly good internet signal (via my new data hotspot) to catch up on some important stuff.

Then back to the laundromat which, surprise, is open. This was not your usual washerette, it was a combo computer repair business, game arcade, and laundromat - with, of course, a couple of pool tables. What else could you possibly need! And the good news, I actually got my laundry done - now I need to relax.

Just another fine day on the road. Take care.