Sunday, August 10

Cumberland Gap Day

Spent the day on two guided hikes in the Cumberland Gap. First, for those not familiar with the area the "Gap" is exactly what it sounds like - a gap in the Cumberland mountains. If you've been paying attention you know it's located near the "tri-state" border between Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. The Gap became a major migration route for settlers when Daniel Boone marked the Wilderness Trail through the gap in 1775, and over 300,000 settlers would use this route on their journey west.

The Cumberland Gap

First we piled in a 4x4 for a 45 minute drive. Then on foot for another 30, until we reached the Hensley Settlement. Established in 1903, it is now a Living History Museum operated by the NPS. It's like stepping back to those "good old days" you might have heard about - you know, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no doctor. The real DIY days. At its height nearly 100 people called the settlement home, they even built a school. The last resident, Sherman Hensley, reluctantly left his lifelong mountain home in 1951.

Later in the day it was tme to go underground in Gap Cave.

Had a great day, lots to see/do around the area. I'm pretty sure I'll return.