Sunday, July 16

Jets Over Kentucky

I spent most of this last week working as a volunteer at a local airshow, just down the road at the Lebanon-Springfield Airport. I was one of the "recovery crews" working the Worlds Grandest Jet Event!

If you haven't already figured it out, these aircraft are Radio Controlled Models - but, with a significant difference, they were JET powered. 180+ participants from all over the world (less than 2000 pilots worldwide are certified to fly these turbine jet models) attended the event - the largest all jet gathering in the world, and they really put on a show.


  1. Passed a trailer southbound on I-77 that said R/C Jets on it. Safe travel.

  2. Liked the SR-71. In a past life, worked at an airbase that catered to them. The UPS cargo carrier was a nice touch also.