Wednesday, March 1

Arizona High

After leaving Ajo we headed east and came across a sign for the Kitt Peak National Observatory - hoping that we wouldn't encounter a repeat of our last (snow challenged) visit to an observatory - we started the drive to the summit (6800 feet) of Kitt Peak. Great views, interesting tour (they have 24 telescopes in the complex) and, thankfully, no snow!

After the observatory we headed off in search of the nights campground, and after an uneventful drive we were supposedly within seven miles of Arivaca Lake Campground - then our troubles began. Roads weren't where they were supposed to be, or simply disappeared as we wandered around for the next hour and a half, getting strange looks from the cows as we passed the same critters several times. Just before dark we cornered our elusive campground and settled in for the night. Just another "Long Way" day.