Tuesday, February 24

The Cedar Key Crew

Traveling around in a campervan (or any type rv) you meet a lot of people. Almost all are interesting, a few are very unique, and we all are a little weird - hey, we like traveling around in little tin cans. I've meet doctors, lawyers, a candle maker, a ferrier, teachers, artists, a smokejumper, even an Indian chief.

The campground setting is one of those places where everyone says hi and we all have something in common, our rig and travel experiences, which makes for easy conversation starters. In my case, the Backroader attracts a good deal of attention and I like talking about the process of turning a cargo van into my super duper backroad touring machine.

So . . . . (that was a drum roll) without any further rambling I'd like to introduce the Cedar Key Crew.

Al, Kay, Kathie & Karl
Debbie & Luna
Donna & Bill
Bill & his retro machine

And, fortunately for the "crew" we had the Fire Lady (Donna) making sure we had a roaring fire to gather around each night.

My last day in the campground I had the bright idea to host dinner for the four solo travelers in the crew. Debbie, Jenny, and Bill came over to "my place" and we enjoyed each other's company and my pretty good chicken tacos and Debbie's great pineapple dumpling thingy. An important note here - the most experienced solo travelers at this little gathering were the two ladies, Debbie (5 years on the road) and Jenny (into her third year) - Bill and I are just amateurs.

I've now moved on down the road, but my time with the Cedar Key Crew will long be remembered. Thanks guys.